Gwinnett Podcast features R. Michael Coker

The Gwinnett Podcast is a monthly podcast produced by our good friends at the Gwinnett Magazine. Nathan and his team do a great job featuring the very best of Gwinnett County, its leaders, and those who serve the community. This week, our very own Michael Coker was featured as their guest. Hear Michael talk about his commitment to serving this community and giving a voice to the voiceless.

You can hear Michael’s podcast episode by visiting Gwinnett Podcast on the web. We look forward to many more years of serving this wonderful Gwinnett County community. If you want to learn more about Michael, his history, and growing up here in Gwinnett, you can read more about Michael in his bio and learn how despite Gwinnett’s growth, Michael has stayed true to his commitment for small-town service.

On the Gwinnett Podcast, Michael discusses his background and why he came back home to serve the people of Gwinnett County. Like many in Gwinnett, Michael was born and raised in Gwinnett and has dedicated his practice to providing the people of Gwinnett County with strong and effective legal representation following a personal injury. Michael discusses how he was influenced by other small business owners in his family who taught him the importance of hard work and customer service. Michael explains how he has utilized those same qualities to build one of Gwinnett’s most respected law practices.

If you would like to discuss your case with Michael, please do not hesitate to call our law firm at 678-935-6000 for a free consultation. We would love to give you our honest opinion on the value of your case and whether or not you should consider hiring a lawyer. AS one of Gwinnett County’s most well respected personal injury lawyers, Michael prides himself on providing top-shelf service to his neighbors in the community.

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