Recent Verdicts and Settlements

$500,000.00 Auto Accident Settlement
Client receives $500,000.00 after collision on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.
$100,000.00 Nursing Home Fall Settlement
Client receives $100,000.00 when he falls in a local nursing home.
$450,000.00 Interstate I-85 Collision
Client receives $450,000.00 after being rear-ended on Interstate I-85.
$75,000.00 Marietta Car Accident Settlement
Insurance Company settles man\'s injury claim for $75,000.00 when he suffers from broken ribs in an accident.
$44,000.00 Staircase Fall Accident Settlement
Client received $44,000.00 settlement for injuries sustained when she fell down a staircase.
$400,000.00 Golf Cart Accident Settlement
Client receives $400,000.00 after the golf cart was hit by a pizza delivery driver.
$59,000.00 Forsyth County Jury Verdict - Automobile Collision
Client received a $59,000.00 jury verdict in Forsyth County for injuries he sustained when he was rear-ended on the Georgia Highway 400 exit ramp. Client suffered neck and back pain.
$101,000.00 Staircase Fall Settlement
Client receives $101,000.00 after falling down stairs at a rental home.
$37,000.00 Decatur Car Accident Settlement
Client recovers $37,000.00 after she suffers a head-on collision in Decatur, Georgia.
$42,000.00 Duluth Pedestrian Accident Settlement
Insurance company paid client $42,000.00 for injuries he sustained after he was hit by a car while crossing the street as a pedestrian.
$35,000.00 Lilburn Automobile Collision Settlement
Client received $35,000.00 in a settlement for injuries she suffered when her vehicle was hit in a parking lot.
$21,000.00 Cobb County Jury Verdict
Client receives a jury verdict of $21,000 for chiropractic injuries she sustained in an automobile collision on Interstate 85.
$40,000.00 West Peachtree Street Car Accident Settlement
Client received a $40,000.00 settlement after his vehicle was hit by a driver illegally attempting to cut across West Peachtree Street from the left lane in order to make a right-hand turn. Client suffered injuries to his shoulder and lower back.
$40,000.00 Northeast Georgia Car Accident Settlement
A husband and wife suffered back and neck injuries after a rear-end collision car accident.
$80,000.00 Burn Injury Settlement
Client received $80,000.00 burn injury settlement for injuries sustained at a local restaurant.
$20,000.00 Lithonia Gas Station Accident Settlement
Client receives $20,000.00 when the pump at a local gas station malfunctions causing gas to spray into her eyes.
$50,000.00 Dekalb Rear-End Collision Settlement
Client suffers back injuries and recovers the $50,000.00 policy limits as a settlement.
*This is just a small sample of the recent settlements and jury verdicts that our firm has obtained for our clients. Please note that the Law Offices of R. Michael Coker, LLC makes no representation as to what amounts, if any, you will recover in your case. Past results do not guarantee future success. The specific value of your case can only be determined after a thorough investigation by an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.