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Nursing home abuse is one of the most despicable acts a person or company can do. Companies that make millions of dollars each year running a nursing home should provide exceptional care for our parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, however, many fail to provide even “adequate” care. Some even fail to provide even the basic needs for the residents and/or resort to physical abuse.

If someone you love has been injured in a nursing home, always have an experienced nursing home lawyer conduct a full evaluation of the case. Even if the nursing home staff tells you that the situation was merely an “accident” – you have a duty to hold those caring for our elderly responsible. Stopping nursing home abuse or negligence by filing a claim now could save someone else’s life in the future. R. Michael Coker is a nursing home lawyer who has handled numerous cases for the family members of loved ones in nursing homes.

When we place our loved ones into a nursing home, we expect them to receive excellent medical care from professionals. The reality is that billion dollar companies have taken control of medical nursing home facilities. Despite record profits, many companies pay their nursing staff extremely low wages, fail to buy appropriate equipment, and severely understaff the facility. Under these conditions, it is impossible for any nursing home to provide appropriate care. Sometimes under horrific working conditions, nursing home employees take out their frustration on the residents.

Falls are a major cause of nursing home negligence injuries. With current technology, nursing inspection procedures, and care plans, falls should almost never occur in a nursing home. If someone you know has been injured in a nursing home fall, call the Law Offices of R. Michael Coker, for a free case evaluation with a nursing home lawyer. We are happy to help in any way that we can.

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