How to Find Your Lawrenceville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Lawrenceville motorcycle accidents cases can be difficult to win if you don’t hire the right personal injury lawyer. Not all lawyers who handle personal injury know how to win a motorcycle accident case. Many firms claim they handle your personal injury case, but which Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer is best for you? When looking for your Lawrenceville motorcycle accident attorney to represent you, here are the keys on how to find your Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer:

First, look for an accident lawyer who has a proven winning record in motorcycle cases.

  • First, Google the attorney and read news articles about successful motorcycle injury court verdicts the lawyer has obtained.
  • Our firm is one of the premier Lawrenceville motorcycle accident attorneys in all of Georgia.
  • Our firm secured a $1.8 million dollar verdict from a Hall County jury for our injured motorcycle client in 2021. To this day, the verdict is one of the highest motorcycle verdicts ever in this area.
  • Our Lawrenceville motorcycle accident attorneys understand motorcycle cases and have proven results.

Find a motorcycle lawyer who knows how to investigate the scene of the accident.

  • Another important thing to look for when finding your Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer is an attorney who can investigate the accident scene quickly and effectively.
  • Experienced Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyers know what to look for at the scene of the accident to double your chances of winning your case.
  • At our firm, our experienced motorcycle incident response team will examine and preserve the important evidence at the accident scene needed to win your case. 

Find a lawyer who knows the mechanics of a motorcycle.

  • In our Hall County case, the insurance company claimed the motorcycle’s loud noise meant our client was speeding. Our experience as Lawrenceville motorcycle accident attorneys gave us the knowledge to argue the difference between speed and acceleration. 
  • We knew that it was impossible to determine the speed of a motorcycle simply from the sound. This knowledge of motorcycle mechanics helped us win the case against the insurance company.

Finally, look for a personal injury lawyer who knows motorcycle injuries.

  • Our experience with motorcycle injuries allows us to better understand how traumatic motorcycle injuries occur, which allows us to better explain what compensation our client deserves for treatment and pain and suffering. 
  • Only an experienced Lawrenceville motorcycle accident attorney who knows these injuries can maximize your recovery. 

Hopefully, this article told you what to look for in your Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer.  If you need a winning Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer, please call our office and allow us to share our experience in a free consultation today. 

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