What is Medpay?

You might have something on your car insurance policy called MedPay or medical payments coverage and not even know it. MedPay coverage basically means that your car insurance company will pay your medical bills after an accident. In this article we will be discussing what is medpay:

The ways in which medpay work

  1. Medical payments coverage can provide direct payment to physicians and hospitals for accident-related medical expenses.
  2. Medical payments coverage can provide reimbursement directly to you for qualified accident-related medical expenses.

How to submit your doctors bills to the medical pay coverage?

  • The first way is you can go to your doctor’s office, get a copy of your medicall bill for accident-related treatment, and send it to the medical payments adjuster yourself.
  • The insurance company can also issue payment directly to the doctor’s office once they provide the medical payments adjuster with a copy of your medical bill.

How much medpay should you carry?

  • There is no right or wrong answer, but many clients carry as much medical payments coverage on their car insurance policy as their health insurance deductible – to avoid paying for accident treatment out of pocket.

Other important information

  • As a general rule, you can add medical payments coverage at any time to any policy, but generally cannot add medical payments coverage for a past accident.
  • Medical pay is optional in Georgia, so it is imperative to call to make sure your policy carries medpay.
  • Medpay can also apply if you are a pedestrian, bike rider, or motorcycle rider.

Med Pay coverage is something that’s important, and you should have it on your car insurance policy. It’ll pick up the medical cost anytime you’re injured in an accident, so be sure to check your policy and talk to your agent about Med Pay coverage. If you need an attorney who can help you with an accident and the complexities that are associated with that, please feel free to give us a call.

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