Car Accident Medical Treatment and No Insurance

Many people are too fearful to seek car accident medical treatment after an accident because they do not have health insurance. The truth is that you should never endanger your medical wellbeing when you are injured in an accident which was not your fault.

Experienced personal injury attorneys have networks of doctors who are willing to provide car accident medical treatment at little or no out-of-pocket cost to the patient. In exchange, the patient and the attorney agree to pay the doctor directly from the automobile insurance settlement. This is often called "treatment on a lien" or "treatment with a letter of protection." The same arrangements which are available to the uninsured are also available to those with health insurance.

You need an attorney who has a vast network of doctors, surgeons and physicians throughout Metro Atlanta who can connect you with the right doctors who can provide the much needed car accident medical treatment. Our firm has worked with hundreds of doctors who have provided our clients with medical care that was paid for by the car accident settlement. If you need to find medical treatment and you do not have health insurance, or your deductibles and co-pays are making medical treatment too expensive, call us for a free consultation and a case evaluation.

How to Get Car Accident Medical Treatment Without Health Insurance:

  • Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Receive a List of Doctors in Your Area that Offer Treatment on a Lien or Have the Attorney Contact Your Doctor About a Settlement Payment Arrangement
  • Research the Recommended Doctors and Schedule an Appointment with Whom You are Most Comfortable
  • Receive Much Needed Medical Care with No Out of Pocket Cost
  • Receive a Personal Injury Settlement
  • Your Attorney Pays the Medical Providers Directly from the Settlement