Georgia Car Accident Laws

I routinely get asked about Georgia car accident laws. More and more often, police are refusing to assign fault for automobile collisions. This means that the injured are often left having to fight insurance companies after an accident for which they know they were not at fault. I never advise a client to proceed without an attorney after an accident, particularly when liability or the cause of the accident are in dispute. The insurance company will look for any reason or excuse not to pay a claim if the police officer refuses to assign fault to one driver or issues both parties a citation.

An attorney can help explain Georgia's car accident laws to you. Georgia has laws for motor vehicle accidents which are outlined in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (also called O.C.G.A.). Title 40 of the code specifically deals with Georgia car accident laws pertaining to Motor Vehicles and Traffic. Title 40 addresses issues such as pedestrian access, traffic signals, and traffic right of ways. The motor vehicle code section is a good place to start when attempting to research Georgia car accident laws. You can access the Official Code of Georgia for free from Lexis Nexis.

Chapter 6 of the Title 40 is entitled the "Uniform Rules of the Road." These are some of the specific regulations that apply to drivers on Georgia's roads, streets and highways. These rules are a good starting point for any person involved in an accident where the insurance company is refusing to pay.

Our firm has helped numerous people receive the compensation that they deserved after an accident even when the police officer could not determine who was at fault for the collision. Sometimes, an insurance company will finally pay after an attorney lays out the facts of the case and the Georgia car accident laws in a manner that explains to the adjuster that you were not at fault. Other times, a lawsuit is necessary. If you would like to speak with an attorney for free regarding Georgia car accident laws, we would love to share our knowledge and experience with you.